57th Anniversary Today! 

57th Anniversary Today! 

The Dingle was founded on April 19, 1961.  Of course, there was no internet back then.  But our first installment of Dinglish humor was “posted” on that day.  Who remembers?  I do!

April 19, 1961.

Holy Shit!  What the fuck!  Where the hell am I?  And what the hell just happened?  I feel like I was just squeezed out of a frickin ketchup bottle.  Wait a minute.  What’s this?  Boobie!  Me likey!  Num num num….(PAUSE)  I think I’m going to be very happy here!  (CONTINUE)  Num num num…(BURP) Excuse me!  (SLEEP)  Zzzzzzzz…

Now, 57 years later, there have been over 20,000 daily attempts at humor, albeit some of them feeble.  Not all of them are still available to memory.  There have been some storage issues, accidental deletions, intentional deletions, and some lean times and some fat times, and we’ve visited some very dark places and arrived at some very happy ones, too.  But despite all the spiritual and technical challenges, there remains enough good clean fun in here in the Dingle for us to continue in our mission which, of course, is to provide:

A great place to waste half and hour.    Enjoy!















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