A Secret About a Celebrity

A Secret About a Celebrity

Don’t you want to know this very interesting tidbit about this celebrity and his or her fascinating life?  I am sure you never knew this about this celebrity.  Therefore I have prepared a slide show for you.  Each slide that loads up on your internet page will come with a host of ads that will greatly slow down your computer.  All you have to do is click NEXT and the next slide will load.  Don’t click the arrow, that will just load another page full of ads.  And—this is the really frustrating thing—none of the slides will reveal the secret that you desperately want to know.

There are over fifty slides in this clickbait slideshow.  One of them has the real interesting factoid about this person.  But you will never make it to this slide.

You will become so frustrated and bored by all the ads and the uninteresting information about this celeb, that before you hit the real paydirt, you will give up.

Are there other areas in your life where you have been giving up?  Let’s explore that.  There is no reason to give up, ladies and gentlemen.  There are no failures in life.  There are just people who quit.

So come on now, really try this time.  Click on every slide and be determined and patient and you will persevere.  And you will find out the secret.

You can do it.

Click here to begin the slide show.






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