Accountant Does Taxes during Brain Surgery

Accountant Does Taxes during Brain Surgery


In order to preserve patient Meyer Block’s passion for figures and calculations, surgeons had him wake up during brain surgery and fill out tax form 1040 for the surgeon Dr. Ray Mankowski.

“I needed to get my taxes done anyway,” says Mankowski. “So this worked out pretty well. We were able to steer clear of the areas of the patient’s brain that were involved in tax preparation, and removed the tumor successfully.”

Patient Meyer Block was able to pick up a couple of deductions that Dr. Mankowski’s previous accountant had missed.

“About halfway through the surgery I discovered that he wasn’t fully depreciating the cost of his office equipment, so that saved him about ten thousand dollars.”

Next week surgeon Mankowski is planning on operating on the brain of his stock broker, Eddie Polokovski.

“That guy has been losing me money,” says the doctor. “Maybe he has a tumor in his head. We’ll see when we open him up. And we’ll keep him half awake so he can go through my mutual funds and figure out which are the losers.”

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