Baby Stroller Seized From Woman Who Was Pushing Her Small Dog In It

Baby Stroller Seized From Woman Who Was Pushing Her Small Dog In It

Welcome to My Super Strict Imaginary World


“Because strollers are not for dogs, they are for babies — that’s why they are called a baby carriage, not a dog carriage,” said the Police Chief of my super strict imaginary world.

Did the woman get arrested? Did the dog get euthanized?

Of course not. I said my imaginary world was super strict — I didn’t say it was crazy. In fact, it’s quite sane. It’s so sane that people are held to account in a way that never happens in the real world, where we have license to do almost anything and there are never any consequences.

I think you would like it here in my super strict imaginary world. For instance, when somebody waits until you pull up behind them at the red light, and then, only then, do they turn their blinker on to indicate that they will be making a left turn after the light changes and now it’s too late for you to change lanes and you will just have to wait behind them…

Well, in my super strict imaginary world, that car is immediately vaporized and the driver is left on the tarmac, holding nothing, where he was just holding a steering wheel. He’s not hurt, but he’s learned his lesson.

“Put your blinker on before you stop at the red light,” says the Police Chief, as he helps the driver up off the tarmac and safely escorts them to the curb.

He’s not angry or mean, he’s just very strict, the Police Chief, and he really gets around. He’s everywhere, right when you need him.

Like when you have been seated at the restaurant for like twenty minutes and the waiter still hasn’t come by to take your order.

What do you think happens in my super strict imaginary world? The Police Chief takes that waiter to jail, where the waiter has to sit alone for hours, and when he’s hungry, the Police Chief says, “Don’t worry, I’ll be right over to take your order.” And then the Police Chief makes the waiter wait. For a long time. And the waiter sees the error of his ways, apologizes, and then the Police Chief takes him out for a burger and everyone is happy.

What happens in your strict imaginary world?

Let me know with a response! Best one wins a grand prize.

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