Celebrity Baker Trapped Inside her Own Tesla for Forty Minutes

Celebrity Baker Trapped Inside her Own Tesla for Forty Minutes


Baker to the stars Cheryl Yeasty was stuck in her own Tesla in Los Angeles and had to make herself very tiny and climb out the air conditioning vent in order to escape the fancy electric hell-hole on wheels.

“It was 90 degrees in LA yesterday,” posted the baker. “I was literally baking.”

And she was beginning to panic. She even tried breaking the window but that didn’t work.

“Luckily I am a practitioner of Wiccan and I knew a miniaturizing spell,” said the baker on Instagram. “After I made myself tiny and climbed into the air conditioning duct, I felt relieved but I was still pretty mad at Elon.”

Ironically, Yeasty had just been hired by Elon Musk to make a custom tres leches cake with a Tesla logo on it. Elon Musk cancelled the cake order after he saw the post on Instagram.

“Let someone else eat cake,” said Musk, who is apparently very angry. “All she had to do was some quick C++ coding and she could have easily fixed the bug in the car’s automatic door locking system. Geesh.”

Tesla’s shares are tanking as usual. Elon Musk is coming over to my house for dinner some day. He may be crazy but I love him and I love my Tesla.

Full disclosure: I don’t like that woman’s cakes. They taste pasty and dry…like they’ve been sitting in a car all day.

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