Does Tattoo Ink Cause Parkinson’s Disease

Does Tattoo Ink Cause Parkinson’s Disease

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Tattoos are more popular than ever, as both a fashion statement and a declaration of modern paganism, tribalism, or plain barbarism.  But how safe are those tattoos?  Before you commit to writing your current girlfriend or boyfriend’s name on your arm, you might consider the dangers.  You have to assess the risk for yourself.  There is the danger of dirty needles (HIV?) and the risk of the tattoo artist slipping and falling and poking you in the eye with his tattoo needle.  But, seriously, to find out if there is a link between Parkinson’s and tattoo ink, you have to read through this whole article and I will tell you at the end – maybe. 

Here are some hints for a safe tattoo experience.

  • Make sure you use a reputable tattoo artist. Don’t get drunk and stumble into the nearest shop slurring your words, or worse, vomiting as the artist tries to focus. Here is a list of reputable shops in your area.
  • Don’t do Chinese characters. That’s the stupidest thing ever, sorry, it just is.  Can you imagine Chinese people putting English letters on their body because they look cool?  The letter D.  And the lower case P.  What would that mean?  Oh, never mind.
  • Do get a tramp stamp. Those are actually hot.

But is it possible that there is a link between some tattoo inks and Parkinson’s disease?  More and more people seem to be suffering from the dreaded shaking disease lately.  To find out if there is a connection between Parkinson’s disease and tattoo ink, I think you should continue reading this article.

It is possible that tattoo ink that is imported might be less safe than domestically produced ink.  I use all organic ink at my tattoo parlor.  The ink comes from baby octopuses.  And it is harmless, I guarantee it.

But what about this link between Parkinson’s and maybe other brain disorders and tattoos.

Well, if you get a tattoo it is likely that you have some sort of brain disorder.  But the tattoo probably did not cause it.  It was probably caused by bad luck.

And as for the link between Parkinson’s and tattoos, there is this web site that suggests a link.  Check it out, and decide for yourself.  What’s that you say?  Oh, those were tattoos in support of fundraising for Parkinson’s research.

So it seems there has been no evidence that there is any link whatsoever between the two.  I just googled it, and I got nothing.  Zero.

So go ahead and get that tattoo.  Don’t worry about anything.  Just be yourself.

(I’m sorry, I have been notified that calling it a tramp stamp is offensive.  As is humor in general.  My apologies.  Go ahead, get that “lower back tattoo.”  And don’t worry about any link between Parkinson’s and ink.  It seems to have been a misunderstanding.  My bad.)





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