Does Your Friends’ Not Drinking Bother You? New Support Group Forming

Does Your Friends’ Not Drinking Bother You? New Support Group Forming

Sobernon is a support group for people whose friends have stopped drinking and become super boring.

A lot of us are really bothered by our friends’ recoveries.  We just don’t say anything.  And we pretend to still enjoy hanging out with them, sipping sparkling water or meeting for a coffee.  Or sometimes we drink a beer while they drink a diet coke, and we pretend that it’s all ok.

But it’s really not.                   

We’re hurting inside.  Our friends have totally abandoned us.  And there is nothing we can do. 

That’s the first step.

We admitted that we are powerless against sobriety.  That our lives had become unmanageably boring  because there were so many newly sober people in them.  It comes at us like a fricking tsunami.  One friend becomes sober and it inspires a bunch of other friends to go on the wagon and soon we’re drinking by ourselves and crawling around in our own throw up – alone!

The second step is that we came to believe that a higher power could help us avoid our sober friends.  This higher power is different for everybody.  For some people, it’s just the call blocking feature on our cell phone.  But for others, it’s a more traditional God who grants our prayer and presto, our sober friends all disappear – poof.  Thanks higher power!

The third step is that we turned our will and our lives and our backs on our sober friends and even our sober acquaintances and finally sober strangers.  Everybody who doesn’t drink becomes our enemy.

The fourth step is that we made a searching moral inventory of our sober friends and listed all the things we hate about them.  How self-righteous they are.  And how they keep saying “How’s that workin’ out for you.”  Don’t you hate that?

The fifth step – well, we probably won’t get that far.  Our sponsor will die in a drunk driving wreck and we’ll begin to question the whole program.

Sobernon.  Because sobriety makes us feel sleepy and antsy.




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