Genius Tricks Every Costco Shopper Should Know

Genius Tricks Every Costco Shopper Should Know


After you get your free sample, get in the back of the line, put on a blonde wig and a fake mustache, then get another free sample. They’ll never know.

How ‘bout this one?

When you get up to the front of the free sample line, say, “Could I get one for my wife, too? She’s in the other aisle.” They’ll never know you’re not even married. Go into the other line and eat the second snack. Then put your blonde wig and your fake mustache on and get two more — you’ll have to disguise your voice with an accent or something, but this time don’t ask for one more for your wife. Say grandmother this time. Or just a friend. Then you will have eaten four free snacks and won’t need to buy any food at all. In fact, you can quit your job now and just live off of the free samples at Cosco.

One final trick:

Pretend you’re are really interested in the free sample product. They will have a few there by the free sample table. Ask them how much it is, and engage in a conversation. Then, when the free sample guy leans over to get you your box of whatever product it is, grab another free sample from the tray while he’s not looking. Take the box, walk away, then just put the box on the shelf with the cleaning products and the soap.

(Then put on your blonde wig and fake mustache and do it again.)

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