How Two High Schoolers are Disrupting a 9 Billion Dollar Industry

How Two High Schoolers are Disrupting a 9 Billion Dollar Industry

Two 10th graders in suburban Massachusetts are doing an amazing thing, but to find out you are going to have to click below and then give your personal email information.

This really is an amazing story because the two kids are really not that intelligent and haven’t been doing that well in their classes.  In fact one of them was recently put on academic probation at the private school that he attends.

But to find out why he was put on probation and exactly how that relates to the amazing product that he and his friend are launching, you have to click below and give your social security number.

Maybe you could google it and bypass this whole click bait funnel?  No.  Go ahead, try.  Google doesn’t even know about these two kids.  That’s how disruptive they are.

Alright, maybe I will give you a hint, just to keep you interested.  I’ll do the whole “you’re getting warmer” thing.

If you think that these two kids invented a subscription shave club, you are getting colder.  This disruption has nothing to do with razor blades – unless it’s the one you will use to kill yourself after you realize you missed an opportunity of a lifetime! 

If you think they started an online auto sales quote service, you’re getting way colder.  This has nothing to do with cars.  Unless it’s the hearse that drives you to the funeral after you kill yourself because you blew it by not clicking on the link below and giving us your date of birth and your passwords.

If you think this has something to do with a new cloud computing product, you’re so cold you’re frozen in a cloud of ice.  And there is a cloud if pain about to rain down upon you for missing this chance of a lifetime.  Because you aren’t going to click below and give me the answer to your three favorite security questions are you?

No. the product that those two high schoolers are about to reveal will change the world forever.   You won’t even recognize the world.  You’ll think you have been somehow transported to another planet because on this planet – holy moly, you won’t believe what you see here.  I mean, this really is the Ben Franklin generation.  It’s like these high schoolers are twin Ben Franklins, out there in the thunder storm, tying the key to the kite, and zap!  Getting struck by the lightning of genius.

That’s what they are – geniuses.

Don’t you want to know what they did? 

If you think it has something to do with this very sentence I’m writing right now – you’re wrong.  It’s got nothing to do with this sentence.

Or this one.

To find out what it is, you’re going to have to read the next sentence.

And you still won’t be satisfied.  Until you click. 

What is it that you’re afraid of, anyway?  Are you a wimp?  Are you a little baby?  Are you afraid a virus might get you?  Are you afraid you might lose all that important data on your device?

Let’s face it, your data is not that important.

Neither is your click, actually.  We don’t need you to click.  Fine, go ahead.  Don’t click.
See if we care.







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