I Never Have to Work Again – Guess Why?

I Never Have to Work Again – Guess Why?

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I never have to work again, because:

a. I have become disabled

b. Slavery was abolished

c. 4 14 21 26 28 45 Mega-33

d. I have been convicted and sentenced to life in prison

e. I am in a coma and not sure how I am administering this contest

f. I just received an email from a Nigerian prince

g. I have entered a nunnery

h. AI

i. tariffs 

j. I live in Finland

k. my makeup channel on YouTube

l. I was Captain of the Edmond Fitzgerald

m. I am your toaster

n. I am Kevin Spacey

o.  ____________________ (write in your original guess)


Hint:  It is not a through n  

Send your guess to this email:  simblack@aol.com


Prize:  You will never have to work again










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