I’m also pulling out of head transplant surgery

I’m also pulling out of head transplant surgery

Photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash

doc i know when we spoke i assured you that i wanted a new head

because my head is not working properly

i mean that’s obvious to anyone who knows me

why do i spend my precious hours writing poems in desperation for applause?

ten or twenty claps?

please clap, oh please!

i’ve tried to stop but it never works

every day i say i won’t but then i do

i keep hacking away at this computer

so futile and pitiful

all because of this head

when we spoke it seemed my only option

put a new head on this body

a head with practical views and pragmatic endeavors

an accountant’s head or an engineer’s

someone who will capitalize his friggin i’s

any head is better than this one

but now i read in the news my opposite number, the paralyzed guy who wanted a new body

he’s pulled out of the surgery because he fell in love and had a baby

well no such luck for me

but i’m pulling out too

because i’m scared doc

i don’t want to be your first

the plan was you practice on him and then you do me

sorry i don’t want you practicing on me

yes this applause-obsessed head might be screwy

but it’s better than nothing

isn’t it?

what’s that I hear, doc?

is that a clap?

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