Insult the Royal Family with Word Games

Insult the Royal Family with Word Games

Image result for meghan, kate, harryTHEY’RE NOT BETTER THAN US, they’re worse, probably. So we should insult them.  This week’s challenge was to rearrange this headline about the royal arses into something insulting:

“Tension between Kate and Meghan could be behind Harry and Meghan’s move to Frogmore”

The only rules were you must use at least six words from the headline in any order, and they must be insulting.

4th prize – Mrs. Marple, Kensington

Harry could be behind Kate, Meghan.

3rd prize – Angela Lannister, Kings End

Megan’s behind could be Harry.

2nd prize – Freddy Ongora, Shetland

Harry could move Meghan’s behind more.

1st Prize – Susan Ferguson, St. James Palace

Meghan has more tension in her behind, Kate.


Honorable mention for this inexplicably interesting cheat: William Tudor, Buckingham Place.

Frog between Harry’s legs could be his willie, Meghan.



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