Man names himself president for life of his neighborhood association

Man names himself president for life of his neighborhood association

To the great consternation of his neighbors, Glen Frybrook named himself supreme leader  of Greenwood Square neighborhood in the Maplewood section of the city today.  “This was unexpected and unprecendented,” complained one resident, Martha Graham, of the decree which was posted on the flyer placed in the mailbox of many homes in Greenwood Square.

“I’m the only one who does anything,” explained Frybrook, who takes credit for the bake sale at the public library last November, as well as organizing the children’s Halloween costume parade in October.  He also said he had attempted to organize a caroling walkabout in the square in December but that nobody showed up.

“I never got the notice about the caroling,” said Chett Mazursky.  “I don’t know if I would have gone though.  I am Jewish.”

Some residents were concerned about financial improprieties under Frybook’s two year watch.

“I know we raised at least a couple hundred dollars at the neighborhood yard sale,” said Graham.  “What happened to that money?  I see  Glen driving in a new Prius.  How did he pay for that?”

“Alright forget it,” said Frybrook, halfway through this interview.  “I don’t want to be president.  Let them organize these damn events by themselves, the bastards.”

Frybook was last seen heading south on Willoughby Drive in a white Prius.  He is considered embittered and slightly deranged.


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