My Third Phone Call With Elon Musk

My Third Phone Call With Elon Musk

ELON:  Hello, this is Elon.

ME:  Hi, Elon. 

ELON:  You again.   I read your blog.  Not bad.

ME:  Thanks.

ELON:  I’d appreciate it if you took down the two articles about me, though. 

ME:  OK, whatever you want, Elon.

ELON:  Yeah, they’re not real.  I never said any of those things.  So, if you could take those down.

ME:  But did you think they were funny?

ELON:  No, but I’m sure some people find it funny that you ring me up and ask me to dinner.  I suppose that’s a bit funny, but especially now, after this SEC thing…

ME:  Gotcha.  The SEC sucks.  Seems like a poke in the eye.  A real fuck job.  You got royally slammed. 

ELON:  Yeah.  I’m not allowed to talk about that, actually. 

ME:  I know.  But it still sucks.  Anyhow.  I am going to be making some hamburgers and having some friends over later.  It is a small affair.  We have bongos and congas and might do a little percussion circle, some singing and chanting. 

ELON:  You’re not gonna give up, are you?  You’re going to just keep ringing and asking me to dinner.    I thought I blocked your number, by the way.

ME:  I’m calling from my wife’s phone.  Can you make it?

ELON:  Tonight? 

ME:  Kicking off around 7.  Would love you to come.

ELON:  Can’t mate.  I’m up north.  Hanging with Sergei. 

ME:  Oh that’s too bad.  It’s gonna be chill.

ELON:  Alright.  Gottta go.

ME:  Yeah, again, sorry about your major ass fucking from the SEC.

ELON:  Thanks mate.  Cheerio.

ME:  But one day you’re gonna say yes.  You’re gonna say, what the hell?  Alright.  I’ll come over for dinner. Why the hell not?

(he hangs up)

Me:  Bye Elon.  Good talk.

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