Posting this For Our Nanny

Posting this For Our Nanny

Our beloved Nanny Rosanna is no longer needed, as our youngest Quincy has started pre-k classes – I know, sob!   We consider Rosanna almost one of the family and it is so sad to think of her being unemployed not that we’re giving her the boot, so we want her to find a new family that will appreciate and love her as much as we do…

Or at least as much as we did when we were paying her that fantastic illegal immigrant hourly rate, without bothering with payroll taxes of course, and now that she is unemployed, the fact that she isn’t entitled to unemployment payments or welfare of any kind does kind of bother us a teensy weensy bit, so it would be great if someone would take this guilty feeling away by hiring her.

Because, remember, we love her so much and we’re good people, not hypocrites!  I mean, is it our fault that Los Angeles has this weird colonial throwback culture where white people are basically served by brown? 

And now, back to my mommy blog. ?








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