Really Looking Forward to Our Lunch

Really Looking Forward to Our Lunch


TO: My male friend

RE: Our Upcoming Lunch

It will be great to catch up. Thought I’d just shoot you a couple of suggested topics we could talk about, in case you wanted to prepare.

  1. How you’ve been. That’s always a great one, don’t you agree? But of course, by this we don’t mean feelings. Just how you’ve been, in terms of recent accomplishments and stuff. Maybe tennis injuries.
  2. Tennis. How has your tennis been? I know we haven’t played in a while. Mine has been good, but I’ll tell you about it when I see you.
  3. Kids. Let’s brag a little about them, but not too much. And then let’s roll our eyes and act a little exasperated about the new generation? Like how they end every sentence with a question mark? Hate it?
  4. Current events. No, maybe not.
  5. Alright, one feeling. You know we’re supposed to be doing more of that. I’m not saying we leap completely out of the man box. But perhaps we could push open the lid and let out a teeny tiny one? I dunno, up to you.
  6. My new tennis racket? It kind of sucks, actually.
  7. The restaurant! Yes! That’s what we’ll talk about! Fun!

OK! See you in about forty minutes.

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