Sample Sat Questions For LA Private School Students

Sample Sat Questions For LA Private School Students

After reading each passage, choose the answer that most effectively improves the quality of the writing.

  1.  Based on the following passage:

“The college admissions process is fair and treats all students equally.”

Should the writer change “treats all students equally” to:

a. treats children of celebrities and billionaires a tiny bit better than the rest the population because admit it we are pretty special

b. treats LA private school students unfairly because they don’t serve sushi during the SAT exam and we are kind of used to being served sushi at school. And fresh baked bread, by the way. Oh, and our classrooms have plush carpeting. You should see our school, it’s like a Four Seasons, I’m not kidding. 

c. but unfortunately is a ticket to the slammer for Mummy and Daddy. I blame myself. They just wanted the best for me. Not to get all Emo, but is my life over? I think my life is over.

d. NO CHANGE. The sentence is perfect and there is a meritocracy, a level playing field and a Santa Claus.


2. Based on the following passage:

“When you don’t do well on your SAT it’s OK because mummy and daddy love you just the way you are.”

Should the writer:

  1. begin taking drugs because how else can they dull the pain?
  2. not worry because mummy and daddy know a guy in Newport Beach?
  3. face the fact that their name is going to be sewn onto their work uniform some day?
  4. NO CHANGE…Mommy said even when she is in prison she’s still going to love me so it’s going to be fine. It has to be…


3. Based on the following passage:

“The SAT is an exam which determines your skill level in math and language.”

The writer is considering crossing out the whole sentence and thinking about writing something else. Should the writer do so?

  1.  Yes, delete it, because this whole story is depressing and the last two years have been depressing enough, and this whole inequality thing and this whole gilded age are disgusting and I’m going to puke.
  2. Yes, delete it, because I’m sure the late night hosts have come up with plenty of good jokes about it already, and online there will be memes. Oh, there will be memes.
  3. No. The writer should leave it. We need some system to put children in a hierarchy of worth, starting at the bottom — basically worthless — and working up to the top — extra outstanding and super! That’s the only way to organize things. The alternative is chaos. So what if there are a few bribes and a smidgen of corruption? No system is perfect. And the writer should be very proud of our FBI. If only they do this good a job on the whole Trump/Russia thing! Yay, Mueller!
  4. No. The SATS are awesome! Sorry, gotta go, I’m late for fake rowing team practice, or crew, or whatever they call it. 
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