Search for Dingle HQ2 City Announced

Search for Dingle HQ2 City Announced

We are very happy in Los Angeles, don’t get us wrong.  But we’re a little bored, so it is time to open a second headquarters because it seems like a good way to get publicity and free stuff from government officials. today announces a nationwide search for the best city to locate our second headquarters.

We will be accepting applications and incentives.  We would like free trips to your city.  We would like to be wined and dined.  We will also accept out and out bribes.

We promise the winner of this contest that the new Dingle Headquarters will bring in a lot of jobs and revenue.  And to the losers, well, good try.  

What are we looking for in a new city?  It has to be sexy.  It has to be a relatively young city.  With a nice body of infrastructure.  And a good personality, not too bitchy.  You know, a cute city that is fun to be around but not too demanding.  And we like to try before we buy, just sayin’, so be ready for that.

Dingle HQ2.  Will it be your city?  Submit your proposals and money to

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