Stranger Gives Up First-Class Seat for Mom and Her Sick Body

Stranger Gives Up First-Class Seat for Mom and Her Sick Body


“She was very beautiful,” explains the stranger, Bill McBride. “She looked like she spent a lot of time in gym. That’s what I thought of when she came down the aisle.”

He may have been in a first class seat, but the stranger is no stranger to being rejected by women.

“Women like that don’t usually pay any attention to me,” he explained. “I’m basically a non-entity to attractive women.”

But he decided to seize the moment and offer the attractive mom, Melissa Shubert, his $5,467 seat for the trip from New York to Minneapolis.

“She was surprised,” he said. “But I explained to her that I am perfectly happy in coach, and she looked like she could use some holiday cheer this Christmas season.”

The generous stranger said he hoped to run into her at the end of the flight and maybe hang out a little, but as the first class passengers are let off first, he didn’t have a chance to say good-bye.

“I waited in baggage claim for a while — three hours — but I guess she didn’t check any luggage.”

Mr. McBride is currently offering attractive women in Minneapolis a seat in the passenger side of his Honda Accord but says, “It’s not the same. I really miss Melissa.”

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