The Girl in the Window on the Train is Gone

The Girl in the Window on the Train is Gone

If you liked Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train and The Woman in the Window you are going to love The Girl in the Window on the Train is Gone.

This thriller with a fascinatingly flawed female protagonist is entirely original, but similar enough to those other successful female thrillers that you will love it even more.

The difference between this thriller and those other titles is that in this one, the girl gets off the train and gets onto a plane and then into an automobile where she is trying to make it home for Thanksgiving with her husband.

Or is she?

About half way through this story is a twist so twisted that it’s almost like a twister, I mean a tornado that will sweep you up like a cow and move you a few hundred yards.

It turns out that our female protagonist is actually an alcoholic agoraphobic who never even left the house.  But she made it seem like she got on a train and a plane and an automobile and tried to make it home to thanksgiving with her husband.  When really she was just pacing back and forth in her attic.

And guess what’s cooking in the oven – no its not a turkey.  Can you guess?

Spoiler alert, if it is made into a major motion picture, the “turkey” will be played by Ben Affleck!

The Girl in the Window on the Train is Gone!  Cause crazy females are fun to follow around for a few hundred pages. 

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