There’s nothing wrong with quiet sex with a giraffe

There’s nothing wrong with quiet sex with a giraffe

I know, a lot of furries are loud during sex. If they’re a wolf, they’ll howl. If they’re a lion they roar.

I’m a giraffe. Sometimes a person will try to make me feel bad about being so quiet during sex.

“Giraffe’s don’t have vocal cords, dummy,” I will tell them.

I wish I could find another person who dresses up as a giraffe. I don’t mind if it’s a man or a woman. I just am so tired trying to explain myself and then being blamed for not being passionate enough.

Furries, listen. Even if you’re not a giraffe, there is nothing wrong with being quiet during sex.

What if you are a bear? But you don’t really like growling — you just like looking like a bear and going to a furry convention and having sex with say, a person dressed as a wildebeest?

In the wild, of course, you’d eat the wildebeest. So be careful, furries, about complaining to people that they’re not being loud enough.

They might just open their mouths very wide and eat you for lunch.

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