This Man Won the Lottery 9 Times – And For Some Reason Wants to Give You His Secret

This Man Won the Lottery 9 Times – And For Some Reason Wants to Give You His Secret

I know it seems hard to believe, but this mathematician and genius, Dr. Peter Fontana, Phd., figured out that people have been playing the lottery completely wrong all these years.  Using simple mathematical principles that any sixth grader could understand, this genius made millions and millions of dollars from various lottery jackpots all over America.  And for some reason he now wants to share his knowledge with you.

That’s right, you.

Little old you sitting there in your house.  It turns out this is your lucky day.  Because this lottery guru is about to reveal his secrets to you and only you.

Other people who visit this website and read this article are not as lucky.  It will probably not occur to them that they have stumbled upon a gold mine.  Or maybe it will, I’m not entirely sure.  But the one thing I am completely sure of is – this is your lucky day, sir or madam.

Yes, after you get this secret to how to win the lottery, I guess your financial worries will be over, and you will begin to live the life of your dreams.  The answers are awaiting you in the link below this text. 

After you learn these secrets, and after you win millions of dollars using these simple methods, I wonder if you will be as magnanimous as this mathematical genius, Dr. Peter Fonatana, Phd.?  Will you share your secrets with the world the way he is sharing them now?  Probably not.

Come to think of it, why would you bother sharing such a secret if you had it?  If you knew the secret, in fact, revealing it to the public this way would probably alert the lottery authorities to a glitch in their system, which they would undoubtedly rectify. 

In fact, I am beginning to wonder if this Dr. Peter Fontana isn’t being a bit irresponsible by going public with this secret method.  I am beginning to think it might have been better for Dr. Fontana to reveal his secret in private to a few needy or deserving individuals.  That way, whatever this glitch is in the lottery system could continue indefinitely.

Dr. Fontata, I think you are making a colossal mistake.  I am not going to provide the link I promised.  Sorry.  It goes against my conscience and everything I believe in.

If you click this link,  you will only be rickrolled.  This is not the secret link to lottery riches.  This is Rick Astley.

Or is it?

Click this Link Here






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