This Person’s  Addiction Memoir

This Person’s  Addiction Memoir

This is a story of heroism.  I know most hero stories involve people trying to help others, like firemen or soldiers or great leaders.  People who took great risks in order to better society.  Not this one.  This addiction memoir tells the story of a person whose only claim to fame was their sorry addiction to a drug that made them feel pleasure.

Is the struggle to stop feeling druggy pleasure heroic?

You bet it is, because it is so hard.  You have no idea how hard it is because you don’t take the drugs this person took.  Because you’re not brave enough to take those drugs.  You’re not a hero.

This person is.

This person is a real American hero.

In order to take these drugs the person had to take risks, deal with drug dealers, steal to get money, steal your stuff in fact, borrow money from you, steal your car, drive your car to the bad neighborhood, scrape the side of your car and then leave your car in an abandoned alley.

This person has had it rough.

In order to be a druggy, they had to lie to you a bunch of times about what they were doing.  That could not have felt good, I mean imagine being such a liar.  Poor person!

And also, they had to come down after the drugs wore off.

Can you imagine how hard it is to face reality after being so high?

Let’s face it, reality sucks.  But being a drug addict sucks even worse.  But this person made it!  This person beat the odds.  They finally were able to kick drugs.  But the only way they could do it was find a heroic strength and faith deep inside. 

It’s a kind of strength and faith you will never have.

Because you are not a drug addict – loser.

Read this book, and you can be one vicariously.  It’s a lot less fun than actual drugs, but it’s still pretty awesome.

This Person’s Addiction Memoir.  Coming summer 2018





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