Tracking My Calories During the Breakup

Tracking My Calories During the Breakup

This is what I ate today:

An egg 50 calories
Coffee w/cream 30 calories
Crow, unplucked, uncooked, eaten raw as I admitted I was wrong and you were right.  150 calories

1 big sandwich 250 calories
Humble pie, served with a side of sheepishness, I admit once again that I was wrong about everything, okay? 150 calories

1 piece of chocolate  100 calories
My  hat, extra large, because I never thought this day would come.  I mean, things have been bad, yes, but I said they would never come to this.  250 calories

My words.  I mean the ones I said in the chapel.  They were very filling, but also very bland.  I felt stuffed, but not in a good way.  (400)

Your dust – as you exited my stage.  400 calories

Exercise for the day
Running – over the same old material, repeating an old pattern of pushing you away and wishing you back.  100 calories
Jumping – to conclusions about your role in all this.  100 calories.
Dodging – my responsibility and my part.  100 calories.
Chest Presses – on my heart, over and over without end.

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