Trump: Phil Spector Will Build the Wall (of Sound)

Trump: Phil Spector Will Build the Wall (of Sound)

President Trump proposed a new solution to Democratic leadership today.

Said an incredulous Nancy Pelosi, “He told us he would give famous producer Phil Spector a presidential pardon, drive him down to the Southern border, and ask him to build a gigantic wall of sound fifteen hundred miles long to keep out the undesirables from Mexico.”

Mr. Spector is currently serving a life term for murder, in what was not a federal case, and it is unclear what good a presidential pardon would do him.

“We’re not letting Spector out,” said incoming California governer Gavin Newsom. “He’s a murderer and walls of sound are inhumane. For instance, the original version of ‘Yesterday’ was way better before Spector put those strings on it.”

Trump’s proposal has caused controversy even among musicians, as the girl group the Ronettes were reportedly headed to the border to record a choral harmony that will be insurmountable by Mexicans, while the backing group the Wrecking Crew has vowed to tear down any wall of sound or anything else that excludes the huddled masses yearning to be free.

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