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CESAR BIDOUX– Plymouth Blvd.  2 d. ago.
Two girls, about 10 years of age came to my house saying house is pretty would you let me visit the house inside.  I said no.  They left, a black car with no plates was waiting about two houses north, they got into the car very fast and they left.

ADAM GOLDSTEIN – Grove St. 2. d. ago
No problem Buddy, we are all here for one another, they will catch these guys.  May we please have a description of the girls?

CESAR BIDOUX –  Plymouth Blvd. 2. d. ago
One African American girl, hair up, the other white blonde hair down, both skinny and about 4.5 tall.  Black Hyundai Sedan.

SUSSANA MASAGOCHI – Clinton St.  2. d. ago.
I can’t believe they would use innocent kids.  Possibly those kids are trafficked. 

ADAM (heart rate increasing) 2. d. ago
Most likely part of a larger ring and the more we report to police the better they can catch these people and provide services they need.

THOMAS (lathering up) 2. d. ago
The girls going north to south passed my house.

JOSH BROOKFIELD (kind of excited) 2. d. ago
I saw 2 girls, scooting on the east side of the block, stopping in and out at houses.  I didn’t see the Hyundai.  Are we sure that they are neighborhood kids?

SUSANNA (quite certain) 2. d. ago
They are not a neighbor’s kids.  I never saw them at all before.

OFFICER PILAR (West Hills Police community rep) 2. d. ago
Keep doors and windows locked. If two girls ask to come in your house to see the inside, do not let them in and contact the West Hills Division immediately.

DOROTHY (a lonely cat lady) 2. d. ago
I am very nervous.  What should I do if the girls ring my doorbell?

ADAM (making coffee) 2. d. ago
Don’t answer the door.  Stay upstairs.  Hide under a bed.  Do you have a weapon? 

DOROTHY (enjoying the attention) 2. d. ago

Do not discharge the weapon unless you feel your own life is threatened by the girls.

ADAM (sipping coffee) 2. d. ago
Are the girls at your door now?

DOROTHY (panting) 2. d. ago
No.  But according to this thread, they are lurking around the neighborhood, possibly on scooters.

OFFICER PILAR (serious) 2. d. ago
Do not go outside.  A squad car is being dispatched.

ADAM (cellphone battery at 2 percent) 2. d. ago
What about a Swat team?

OFFICER PILAR (Trump Voter) 2 d. ago
A SWAT team has been ordered.  Everybody shelter in place.

DEIDRE JOHNSON – Van Ness St. 1 d. ago
Um.. I was just alerted to this thread.  My daughter is the weird girl who asked to come in your house.  She liked the house and wanted to see what it looked like inside.  And just because she’s black doesn’t mean she’s part of a crime ring or doesn’t belong in this neighborhood.  Frankly, this whole thing makes me incredibly sad.


ADAM (back-peddling rapidly)  1 d. ago
Great.   We appreciate the update and were merely relaying information and glad you cleared the girls issue up.

KT (lurker) 1 d. ago
I hope you’re all ashamed of yourselves and have sent this girl’s mom the apology she deserves.

KAREN GILLIAN (a nice woman) 1. d. ago
We are SO SORRY Diedre.  

ERNESTO GONZALEZ (identity politician) 1 d. ago
I hope we don’t confuse being vigilant  with being judgmental, racist and choosing to believe alternative facts.  As a gay, Latin American man, I guess I will stay off Plymouth as I don’t fit. 

ADAM 1 d. ago
Nobody said anything about gays or Latinos.  It’s ten year old black girls.

ERNESTO 1 d. ago
Oh.  Okay.

ADAM (never wrong) 1 d. ago
And I for one am not going to apologize. .  There were two preadolescent girls that approached the home of a stranger and asked to enter their home.  That is not normal behavior of a child.  Thankfully nothing bad happened but this post could have been different.  ‘Two Kids missing.’ 

JULIE  (a concerned mother) 1 d. ago
I agree with Adam.  Who knows what might have happened to the girls.  Lest we forget Trevon (sic) Martin.

DEIDRE 1 second. ago
Oh My God Stop!



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