We partner with HQ for hugest contest ever

We partner with HQ for hugest contest ever

“Hello everyone, welcome to HQ, your favorite trivia mobile app.  It’s Scott Rogowsky here, your quiz maestro.  Tonight we’re partnering with website Down in the Dingle Dot Com for an extra special jackpot which…”

(signal lags, host returns mid-sentence)

“…over there.  So let’ get started.  Question one.  Qumero, numero uno! What do humans breathe?  Is it A) Oxygen, B) Hydrogen or …”

(signal lags, host returns, mid sentence)

“That’s right, it’ s A) Oxygen.  We still have 978,888 thousand of you tonight for our special tie-in partnership with Down in the Dingle Dot Com.  OK, before we get to question 2…”

(signal lags, host returns, mid sentence, giving the answer to question number 2, which you never actually heard)

“And the answer is B) Porridge.    Wo, we lost five hundred thousand of you, that was our first savage question.”

(Savage question logo comes up on screen.  Signal lags.  Host returns. )

“Is it a) Jackie Robinson, b) Jackie Collins or c) Jackie Onassis”

You try to click C, even though you never heard the question.  When in doubt, go with Jackie O.  But then,  this graphic pops up:


The host continues, amid lags:  “…compliments of the chef (signal lags) sing me a song you’re the piano man (signal lags) mommy wow I’m a big kid now…”

(Signal lags.  For a long time.)

“Alright!  We have two hundred and fifty seven winners, who spilt this major prize of 25,000 dollars and this other special bonus jackpot provided by Down in the Dingle Dot Com of…”

(Signal lags.  Show ends.  You never find out what prize Down in the Dingle Dot Come was offering.  Sorry.  Try again tomorrow night at 9 PM.)


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