Why Is China Censoring My Blog?

Why Is China Censoring My Blog?


I have not a single subscriber from China. Hmmm. Coincidence. I think not, Sleeping Dragon. Arise from your slumber and confess to me — you’ve been censoring the Dingle, haven’t you?

Why else would I have to write this? I mean, really, would I make something like this up, just to call attention to my blog? Ha!

Although that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, now that I think about it. We all hate censorship. And we all support victims of tyranny.

I am a victim of tyranny!

I am also courageous. I hereby announce to you, readers of the Dingle, that I am going on a hunger strike. I am not going to eat Panda Express until China agrees to stop censoring my blog.

I love orange chicken at Panda. This is going to be hard for me, people.

But somebody has to stand up to China. Please pass this on. Post it on facebook. Repost it. Everybody needs to ask this question:

Why is China censoring my blog!

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