Blowin’ in the Wind, Explained at Last

Blowin’ in the Wind, Explained at Last

By Nobel Laureate, Bob Dylan

Alright, how many times can the cannonballs fly. That’s my balls. They got stuck in my fly, obviously. I guess you probably already knew that.

Before they’re forever banned. That’s Ban deodorant, the brand I used back then. I don’t think they even sell it any more.

The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind. Well, that’s fellatio. I’m getting fellated outdoors, and it’s windy.

How many years can a mountain exist? Well, that’s just dumb. Hey, I was young. Go fuck yourself. You think you can do better?

And how many years can some people exist? Before they’re allowed to be free?

That’s about me trying to get out of my contract with Columbia Records, but those fuckers were hooked up with the mob and they threatened to kill me.

How many times can a man turn his head… That’s fellatio again.

The song is basically about getting a blow job. Are we done?

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