How to Tell if the Plane You’re On is a 737 Max 8

How to Tell if the Plane You’re On is a 737 Max 8

                                                                      Warning, a tiny bit of gallows humor at the very end of this article, probably too soon, sorry

First of all, the Max 8 is a Boeing. An airplane’s brand logo is always placed on the rear bumper, just like a cars:


Second, the Max 8 has only one aisle down the middle. How many aisles are on your plane:


Thirdly, the Max 8 has sculpted sidewalls and fancy LED lighting so it really looks very much like the Ford Flex interior, have you driven one? So cool! Or it feels more like the fancy expensive Uber than the regular UberX. Look aorund, do you feel like you are in a fancy uber?


Finally, there are reports that it makes strange noises, noises that people on the ground have never heard a plane making before, and they live in the flightline. Listen, are you hearing anything strange? No? You’re probably on an older Boeing. Never mind, maybe next time.

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