Meet My New Best Friends

Meet My New Best Friends


I’m having a big Christmas party. And these are my friends who are coming. They are the ones who actually spend the three seconds it takes to RSVP. Thanks a lot new friends. One of these will probably be my new girlfriend. She never complains or bosses me. I love her. That one on the bottom left is my best bro. My bud! I will call him Dan. Dan is a nice name. That guy next to him is my accountant. Bill. We became friends after he did my taxes. That guy above him is Gustavo. He’s from Argentina. I love my new friends.

Some bitter haters have claimed that these people are not even real. These liars say my new friends are just composites of other people who were generated by a new NVIDIA computer with fancy AI. But they are just jealous. They are jealous of how many new friends I have.


It’s gonna be a great party! Sorry you’re missing it.

Merry Christmas, haters.

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