More Sample SAT Prep Questions from an Elite Private High School

More Sample SAT Prep Questions from an Elite Private High School


1. fake: real ::

a. that picture of me: the rowing team

b. my parents supposedly “correct” politics: hypocrisy

c. 1400: 1100

2. “The college admissions process is fair.”

The word “fair” in this sentence should be replaced with:

a. maddening

b. broken

c. much easier if your parents can make a million dollar donation to a fake bank account

3. x and y are positive integers.

3x + 6y = 180,252

Solve this equation for x

a. Help!

b. Where’s that guy who was supposed to be taking my exam for me?

c. Can I poll the audience?

4. “My Mommy and Daddy love me no matter what.”

Choose the best version that improves the sentence:

a. My Mommy and Daddy are in jail.

b. My Mommy and Daddy are what’s wrong with this country.

c. My Mommy and Daddy are sorry they got caught.

5. I deserve to go to a good college because:

a. I am smart and I work hard.

b. I am well rounded and started a non-profit to help Africa

c. My parents are actors on a bad television show.

6. In this sentence, which word makes you cringe the most?

The college consultant said he had helped over a thousand wealthy parents get their children into elite colleges by cheating on the SAT.”

a. Wealthy

b. Elite

c. SAT

d. Honestly, the whole damn thing makes me feel sick.

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