New Merch: Amy Klobuchar Salad Comb Available Now

New Merch: Amy Klobuchar Salad Comb Available Now

Insert comb in salad, then place in mouth. Suck.

The Dingle is offering an exclusive, the very same brand of comb that Senator (and presidential aspirant) Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota used to eat her salad after, hmmmph!, her assistant forgot to bring utensils.

We’re not sure if the recent blitz of bad publicity against Ms. Klobuchar is sexism, misogyny, or good old fashioned meanness, but we would like to make a few bucks off the controversy — why not?

So if you’re ever in a pinch and you need to eat a salad without a fork, you won’t have to use your hands. Just jab at the lettuce with the prongs of this comb. Or, better yet, buy two combs and you can push them together chopstick style and munch away on your greens.

Also, check out these other Amy Klobuchar items from the Bad Boss line— the innocent bystander binder:

Hurl binder at bystander

These binders really pack a punch. As you can see they are about five inches wide, and when Sen. Kobuchar reportedly hurled one at an innocent bystander she could have poked an eye out. (This is not to be confused with the other binder from the 2012 election, Mitt Romney’s binder full of women — this is a much smaller binder. Only one half inch wide in fact.)

Also available is the sticker that says “Worst” on it. This is a fun sticker you can apply to your assistant’s lousy sloppy work to make them feel bad about themselves, like Sen. Kobuchar apparently does.

Apply on your assistant’s paper

To purchase these items please click here. All profits go to the Free Rick defense fund.

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