No Politics, Please, We’re Fascists

No Politics, Please, We’re Fascists


We the moderators, owners, creators of this site, this community board, this yahoo group, this NextDoor thread, this Facebook page, this Reddit sub, this forum, feed, or web site, have decreed:

No political discussion whatsoever.

We want this to be a fun place. And we can’t handle the disagreement of opinion that ensues once the politics start flying.

We get triggered.

We don’t like consensus, I guess, it’s just too hard to reach.

And everything is so divided right now, we’re just so sick of it. Aren’t you?

We don’t want debate.

We don’t want democracy.

We want this to be a little fiefdom. A safe space. As philosopher kings, this is what we decree.

Fascism is much more orderly and peaceful and cuddly, don’t you agree?

That’s what we are:

Your benevolent dictators.

Welcome to our world!

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