Psychologists are wrong about “traditional masculinity”

Psychologists are wrong about “traditional masculinity”

According to new guidelines established by the APA, traditional masculinity is toxic because of its emphasis on being strong, being powerful, and being courageous.

Well, I’ve got news for you. That’s a very myopic view of traditional masculinity. In the bunny tradition, we men are not strong. Challenge me to an arm wrestling battle? I will cry uncle before you even grab my paw.

Secondly, we’re not powerful. The bunny women hold all the cards in our society. You try telling a woman who’s got eleven babies suckling on her boobs to make you a sandwich. You’ll get a sandwich alright — knuckle sandwich, right in your face.

Finally, we’re not courageous.

I’m anxious and afraid of almost everything. There are two things I’m not afraid of — carrots and my water bottle. Everything else fills with me with bunny dread.

Even this column. I wonder if you’ll hate it. You probably hate it, don’t you? I’m going to cry.

And that’s traditional bunny masculinity.

Is it toxic? No, but do you know what is toxic? A bunch of dumb guidelines about “masculinity” put out by idiotic head shrinkers.

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