Read this Blog in ASMR

Read this Blog in ASMR


Find a quiet space. Sit down. And then read this paragraph to yourself, in a gentle whisper.

ASMR is autonomous sensory meridian response, described as “a pleasant, tingly sensation some people experience in the scalp or upper body as a result of quiet sounds or gentle touch.”

If you read this paragraph you will feel it in your scalp.

Whereas this paragraph, read in a quiet, soothing, gentle whisper, will affect your upper body.

I know a clap is a loud sound that is annoying and will jolt you out of your ASMR trance.

But that hand over there is a silent applause. It won’t wake you if you choose to click on it.

There. Some more soothing, whispered words for you.

Don’t you love it?

I know I’m no Zoe Kravitz. But I’m good, aren’t I?

Real good…

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