The Real Meaning of the Song “Imagine” Revealed at Last.

The Real Meaning of the Song “Imagine” Revealed at Last.


John had me swear I would never reveal the secret meaning of the song after he wrote it.

Luckily I had my fingers crossed when I swore.

John, I can tell you now, was secretly an agent of the KGB and was working for a communist revolution. That’s why he started the Beetles, to let the people know they needed to rise up.

The first line, “Imagine there’s no heaven,” means we have atheism and Marxism at last.

“No countries,” of course, is the global revolution, where the workers of the whole world have united across all the countries.

And John, I can tell you, was promised that he would be the leader of this new global government.

He would be called General Secretary Lennon.

Oh, in case you didn’t realize, his last name was spelled wrong on his birth certificate, but he was Vladimir Lenin’s grandson.

John promised me that I would be like the co-leader of this global government, after he was made General Secretary, but that my title would be Chairwoman Ono, because nobody knows this but I am the granddaughter of the great Chairman Mao, who impregnated a Japanese nurse who was part of the occupying force during WII.

I kept a correspondence with my grandfather Mao during my whole life, and secretly attended his funeral in the 70s. John was there too, wearing yellowface so nobody would recognize him, and wearing traditional Chinese clothes. It was such a sad day. Here’s a link to a video of us attending the funeral. It’s an hour and fifty minutes long and incredibly boring, but if you watch this video very carefully you will see John Lennon and me, Yoko Ono, in attendance.

At a private ceremony after the public funeral they asked John to sing imagine in Chinese, which he did. Here’s a video of that.

After John was killed the idea of world communist revolution died with him, and soon the cold war ended and we all became capitalist scum.

But now, because you have been so kind, I am linking this video of me and John performing with Chuck Berry because this is something nobody with a sense of humor should miss.

We loved Chuck and we were going to make him King of Africa after the global revolution. I can laugh now, but it was bit embarrassing back then. Take a look at Chuck Berry’s face when I suddenly come in with my screeching — I mean singing. It’s at the 1:55 mark. For the second part of the song John turns down my volume so you can’t hear me any more, sorry.

Peace and Love,


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