These Pretty Charts Explain Something

These Pretty Charts Explain Something


This is filler paragraph leading up to the first chart. Let’s face it, we’re in this thing for the charts. They’re pretty and they are impressive. How do people do these things, that’s what I wonder. None of my software programs have this feature, or maybe they do but I don’t know how to use them. Anyhow, your filler is over, here’s the first chart.


This chart shows the direction the world is going (down)

And in this section I wonder what we can do about it. But you don’t have to read this section cause there’s probably not much. I would skip to the next chart. Charts are pretty and fun to look at and they make you feel god, even if they have bad news. Like this chart:


This is you, the section removed from the pie. Someone is about to eat you. It’s probably climate change, but it could be something else bad. Fingers crossed, I hope you don’t get eaten.


This is where you work. (It sucks but the people are nice) The question raised by this chart is, what is your corporation doing about the problem? Are they part of the solution? Are you part of the solution? I’m guessing you’re actually part of the problem, but you’re right, the people are very nice. Funny looking, but nice.


This is the house you go home to at night, after work. You are the little orange bar. The others are either your pets, or your family, or your furniture. It depends. I think the blue bar is just a big cabinet. Your house a great place to hide, but you can’t hide there forever. At some point you have to come out of the house and face reality. That’s what this chart points out. Sorry.


This is how much money your friends and enemies are making compared to you (way more). And that’s what you seem to be obsessing over, rather than the thing that really matters, like this big major catastrophe the world is probably facing.


This is the nineties. Yeah, the good old days, when you were baby and didn’t have to worry about any of this shit. If you click on the chart, some 90s music should play (but it won’t, I don’ t know how to do that). But looking at this chart and imagining that we’re listening to 90s music, we have to wonder, what good to charts do? Do they make any difference to the very real problems we face. Don’t we need more than charts? Do we need to take some kind of action? Hmmm, not sure.


This is a happy ending. Everything is going to work out after all. Yay charts!

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