Are you a Libtard or a Conservaturd? Take our quiz.

Are you a Libtard or a Conservaturd? Take our quiz.

1) What is good?

    a) welfare, abortion and retardation.
    b) guns, school prayer and poop.

2) What makes you happiest?

    a) diversity, smiley faces and picking my nose.
    b) Jesus and going to the bathroom.

3) If you were granted any wish, it would be:

    a) world peace, equality and a brain.
    b) a bigger gun, bigger boobs, bigger poop.

4) Why are you here?

    a) to whine, to sigh, to let everyone know how good I am.
    b) to kick your ass, to get you off my lawn, and to relieve myself.

5) The meaning of life is to:

    a) pity the poor, pretend you want to help people, and do nothing.
    b) pay less taxes, buy another ATV, and use the rest room.

6) Do you prefer the city or the country, and why?

    a) the city because I’m stupid.
    b) the country because I’m pooping outside right now and it’s awesome.

7) Tell us a little about yourself.

    a) I want to save the planet.  More than you do.
    b) I am great. America is number one. I love going number two.

8) How would you describe yourself?

    a) I am a person who cares.
    b) I am a person who cares about my leavings.

9) Criminals have rights too and should be protected.

    a) even if they are killing me.
    b) criminals should be killed. Poop.

10) America is….?

    a) a bad country.
    b) the best place in the world to have a BM.



a) you are naive and weak

b) you are selfish and cruel




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