Support the Dingle!

Support the Dingle!

Hi friends, it’s been a great first year.  Here to celebrate just in tie for Xmas is the Downinthedingle Best of 2018 paperback.

It’s a beautiful book, lovingly designed by Patrick Santana.  And a large percentage of the proceeds will go to keeping the Dingle afloat.

Please order your copies in time for the big Downinthedingle Best of 2018 launch party, tentatively scheduled for the weekend after thanksgiving weekend, save the date, Saturday Dec. 1.  We will be sending an evite to our most ardent supporters.  It’s going to be a great party.

Here’s the link to the Amazon listing where you can buy the book:

In other exciting news, an author who’s semi erotic fables we have featured several times in the Dingle has committed half his royalties for the rest of the year to the Dingle.   I do like “Celtic Women Gone Wild“, which we published a bit of.  The rest are incredibly filthy.  I don’t recommend them, but we are grateful to Colt Stevens for the gesture, it was well intended.  Mr. Stevens has also been invited to the party and we might give him an opportunity to sign a few books, but probly not.  I want this party to be about me. 

And thank you all for your emails of support they mean a lot to us here down in the dingle where it is mostly dark and very dank.


S Black